Friday, September 25, 2009

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA): Fuel Innovation, Boost Agility, Harvest More Value

What is SOA

Service-Oriented Architecture is an approach to organizing, developing and integrating information technology in which data, logic, and infrastructure resources are organized as services and accessed by exchanging messages with one another to support flexible business processes and enabling IT to become accelerator for business agility and innovation.


  • Fuel Business Innovation thru Composite Applications:

    SOA focuses on bringing the business processes and information which is locked up in multiple disparate systems to the familiar tools people use as services; resulting in maximizing users (internal and external) productivity and efficiency, leading to increase in adoption while reducing training cost fueling accelerated business innovation and profitable business connection.

  • Boost Business Agility via Business Process Management:

    SOA is centered on service enabled business processes allowing you to model, develop, manage, monitor and control business processes through dynamic composition delivering continuously optimize operational capabilities and improve business performance.

  • Harvest More Value from exiting Investments enabled by Cross Platform Interoperability:

    SOA leverage your existing investments and interoperates with what you have by extending functionality through cross platform interoperability standards support and provide incremental routes to introduce change in IT infrastructure at your own pace.

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