Thursday, July 23, 2009

What is Google Latitude?

Google Latitude is Google’s free software program, a new service that helps you to locate your family member or friends through a mobile phone or the Internet. It was released by Google, on Wednesday, Feb 04, 2009.

Google Latitude uses Global Positioning System, WiFi, and cell tower location data to find/ track/ locate people. The extension of Google Maps, the service also uses Google's mapping software for mobile phones.

Google Latitude lets users to manually turn on and off the tracking software; thus it gives users choice when they should be or should not be seen. It also lets users to choose the people who should be able to locate them. For using Google Latitude, the users are required to sign up for the service,

In its blog, Google said, "Fun aside, we recognize the sensitivity of location data, so we've built fine-grained privacy controls right into the application. You not only control exactly who gets to see your location, but you also decide the location that they see."

Steve Lee, product manager for Google Latitude, reported that Google Latitude is currently available to the users in 27 countries. Initially, it will work on most color-screen BlackBerry phones, most phones with Windows Mobile 5.0 or later, most Symbian-based devices such as Nokia smartphones, and G1 phones with updated Android operating system. Eventually, the service will run on Apple's iPhone and iTouch and many Sony Ericsson devices.

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